Stryker and Dom discuss the future of the Emotional Beefcakes

Coachella 2014


Shadz, Austin Carlile, Tal Cooperman, Ted Stryker, and Da Kurlzz at KROQ Sound Space back in November :)


Jared Leto & Stryker hiking #jaredleto #hiking #losangeles #KROQ #Stryker

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Coachella 2014 - The KROQ Party House With Ted Stryker

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Stryker saves Christmas


Chris and Dom from Muse at the KROQ Party House at Coachella.

Stryker: “There’s a song that we’re playing on KROQ now and it’s called Magic by Coldplay. When you hear that, are you like, ‘Wow that’s kinda like Madness.’”

Dom: “It crossed my mind but it’s complet-, it’s nothing like it, d’ya know what I mean. It’s a completely different song.”

Stryker: “M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-magic…”


So cute :3

In the studio with hanging with

Travis Barker and Stryker - Worst Hand Placement of All Time.


This is the worst picture I’ve ever taken, why is my hand like this?  I’m sorry Travis Barker.  Thank you for tweeting me that this pic made you laugh.  Why am I grabbing his armpit?  And, how about that guy in the back unintentionally photo bombing us.



Star Wars Cowboy = Strynoda 

It’s the best cowboy I could come up with.